I want to be the very best!

For Christmas I received the awesome present of the first set of Pokemon badges! (From my older sister - thank you again!) She asked me the other day if I was wearing them and it was my intention to keep them safe and gaze at them reverently from time to time. But I've come up... Continue Reading →


Mad Max:Fury Road – A Review

When Mad Max: Fury Road was released, my interest was minimal. I hadn't seen the originals and wasn't willing to pay an extortionate price to go and see another fast car/chase movies. (I cried when my student card expired and I now have to pay for an ‘adult’ ticket.) My interest was piqued when the... Continue Reading →

New Path

  The start of 2016 was harder then I thought it was going to be. New Year resolutions were floating around, new ideas and plans and I realised I had absolutely no clue about anything. However something happened that I am proud of and scared of at the same time. I no longer need my anti-depressants.... Continue Reading →

Roath Writers

It's scary, trying to introduce your writing to the world. It doesn't help when you're too scared to even show it to your friends. But, on a wild quest to expand my writing knowledge and maybe find some tips/advice/courage, I came across Roath Writers, a writing group local to Cardiff. I've only been to two... Continue Reading →


  I crave the girl in the magazines, with her soft hair and perfect skin.   I crave the couple in the restaurant, with their happy smiles and sweet kisses.   I crave the child in the playground, with her wide eyes and joyful laughter.   I crave the man in the street, the woman... Continue Reading →

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