Admit and Accept

There is a reason why admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery and there is also a reason why I’ve largely disagreed with this.

So often in my mind I have the image of a warrior, standing tall amongst her enemies all screaming at her to accept her fate, admit that she has lost. And every time she replies ‘No’ and carries on fighting. She always wins. I’m not sure whether this is based on a book I read, a film I watched when I was younger or it’s my mind making things up. Either way, I’ve always linked acceptance and admittance to losing the battle.

I have no qualms about saying I’m wrong. Just because you accept the situation as it is in that current moment, doesn’t mean you’ll be in that moment forever. It doesn’t mean that’s the way things have to be, it only means that’s the way things are right now.

If you don’t admit the situation as it is then you won’t be able to change it. How can you change something that doesn’t exist?

It’s not easy admitting you have a problem. Whether it’s physical or mental, everyone will face different problems and challenges in their life. The ones who move past them are the ones who will admit that they’re there and stand up to face them.

Admittance and acceptance is the first stage to recovery. And change.


One thought on “Admit and Accept

  1. cracTpot says:

    Life is the fiercest competitor I have ever met. Sometimes you strategize, sometimes you just run in screaming waving your weapons around hoping to use the element of surprise. Sometimes you stealthily creep past hoping it won’t notice you advancing and sometimes you lie on the battlefield and pretend like you’ve been beaten just to give yourself a second to think. My advice to all my other warriors is “whatever works….whatever works….” ❤


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