Mixing Reality with Dreams

I’ve always written poetry…well I’ve always written sentences that rhyme. Rhyming is awesome. Anyway, I’ve decided to put aside my other projects for the moment and concentrate more on my poems and where I want them to go. Of course, any project needs research and the most logical place to begin is poetry books.

The issue I have is my anxiety and my depression pipes up, letting me know I’ll never write as well as the poetry I’m reading. Yeats, Poe, Dickinson, Plath are some of the examples. How can I compare?

Instead of giving in to my anxiety, I took a different path. A few months ago I attended the book launch of someone who reconnected me to the writing world. Christina Thatcher is the facilitator of my writing group and through that, I’ve met some amazing people and it opened up a whole new direction for me. For that, I’ll be forever grateful and I was thrilled when she released her first book.

The event also hosted the release of two other debut collections, by Emily Blewitt and Natalie Ann Holborow. Two writers who I followed on Twitter so their names were not unfamiliar to me.

It was a wonderful evening, standing room only. You could feel the passion emanating from each writer as they read some of their favourite pieces and the support in the room was unconditional, whether it be from family or friends. For me, not only did I find three new poets to explore, I also found three new inspirations.

Christina, Natalie and Emily were all real people to me. Their lives, while different to mine, were infinitely more relatable than other poets, because they were standing right in front of me. They were real people and their words were real and their poems flowed with them. It made me stop and think that I can do that. Maybe one day I could be in Waterstones, with my debut collection. Each poet had started out in the same place I did, with a notebook full of ideas and a pen in hand.

So, whenever my anxiety tries to tell me I’m not enough or my depression makes me believe I’m not enough, I can turn around and say no. I am enough, just as the three amazing women, whose collections are on my shelf, believed they were.




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