There's been some huge changes in my job. Huge, as in, I won't have a job in February kind of huge. And I'm only now coming to terms with knowing the plan I had has gone out the window and I actually have to sit down and figure out what to do. It wasn't a... Continue Reading →


Accepting Challenges

There are some days where I dread social situations. Some days I accept and even enjoy them. But all throughout my battle with my anxiety and depression and illness, there is one situation which I hate. One event that I put off, for as long as possible, even unto the detriment of my self-confidence. It... Continue Reading →

The loss of a man I didn’t know

This post will no doubt echo thousands of others out there, all mourning the loss of Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, Dead by Sunrise, a father and a husband and a person. His death was a suicide. I hold no claim to have known him personally and I would probably have never met... Continue Reading →

Consistency…the lack of.

My mind is full of ideas. And projects. And words. Heck it’s even full of one-liners I look for the perfect opportunity to use and never realise until the time has been and gone. I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration, innovation and ice cream. Problem is, I see something I want, pick it up,... Continue Reading →

The Year So Far…

On Sunday 2nd of July, I celebrated the fact I've been on this Earth now for 25 years. There was presents, cake and family time. There was also sunshine, which was unusual because it's raining most years. It was a happy day. It also made me realise that half of another year has gone and... Continue Reading →

Mixing Reality with Dreams

I've always written poetry...well I've always written sentences that rhyme. Rhyming is awesome. Anyway, I've decided to put aside my other projects for the moment and concentrate more on my poems and where I want them to go. Of course, any project needs research and the most logical place to begin is poetry books. The... Continue Reading →

Understanding Yourself

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am too hard on myself. I'm forever advocating to be kind to yourself and to let yourself work through things but I seem to have put myself on higher expectations than anyone else. When considering this, I did wonder if it was a bad thing.... Continue Reading →

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