Understanding Yourself

It has recently been brought to my attention that I am too hard on myself. I'm forever advocating to be kind to yourself and to let yourself work through things but I seem to have put myself on higher expectations than anyone else. When considering this, I did wonder if it was a bad thing.... Continue Reading →


Admit and Accept

There is a reason why admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery and there is also a reason why I’ve largely disagreed with this. So often in my mind I have the image of a warrior, standing tall amongst her enemies all screaming at her to accept her fate, admit that... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness

So last week was Mental Health Awareness Week and I had plans to put up a post a day, inspire some people and help other people out. But my depression had other ideas and I spent most of last week in a bubble of self-despair. My ideas crumbled and I knew I wouldn’t be able... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Smiling – Week Two (bit late!)

So my promise to myself to post each week on a Friday was slightly optimistic, considering I can’t remember the last time I blogged consistently. But I’m sticking with the saying, better late than never! And the content may explain why I’m running a bit behind. For you to understand what went on last week,... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Smiling – Week One

Why I’m Smiling - Week One Fighting anxiety and depression is hard. That about sums it up. You’re always told to be positive and remember the good things about life. That’s hard too. I did try to write in my journal every day but I have the discipline of a duck. Which is to say,... Continue Reading →

World Mental Health Day

The stigma around mental health is something the world should be ashamed of. To make people scared and worried to talk about something that affects their life so much is unacceptable in my eyes. Though I appear happy, confident and in control, there are some nights in which it’s difficult to cope. Where I lay... Continue Reading →

Rewatching, Reliving

You know when you’re browsing through the different channels and streams and lists and you come across a favourite TV show? Most of the times I’ll just pass them by but every now and then I’ll pause and think to myself, I want to watch them again. Ever get that feeling? And do you get... Continue Reading →

Because I Said I Would

I often have people asking me about my wristband and what it represents. The way I explain it is they are an organisation who help you keep your promises to yourself. Because who doesn't need help now and again? because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of... Continue Reading →

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